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Adam BombTopps chewing gum started producing parody trading cards in 1985. Each card had a sticker with an award, checklist or comic back and a sticker could be peeled off of the card. The stickers depicted different characters with a name play which was illustrated in the sticker. Each character had a twin featuring the same art with a different name. For example Adam Bomb is card 1a and Blasted Billy is card 1B. The cards were sold in packs of 5 with a stick of chewing gum inside for 25 cents a pack.

The cards were so popular that many schools banned them due to the distractions they caused in class because kids were constantly trading and selling their cards during school hours.

In 1988 Topps was sued for trademark infringement by Coleco, the company that made Cabbage Patch kids. Coleco stated that the Garbage Pail Kids Characters looked too much like their Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. For the duration of the lawsuit Topps was not allowed to produce any additional cards. By the time it was settled out of court later that year sales had declined so much that the 16th series which was in the works at the time of the lawsuit was never completed.

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